About Us

What we do

In an ever increasing world of a throw-away mentality we aim to have spares for both end of life and the latest’s models to help breathe new life into perfectly good technology.
Specialising in Dell Spare Parts we aim to bring you affordable replacement parts for your Dell laptops, tablets and all things Dell.

Stocking only original Dell parts, we have a large catalogue of new, refurbished and machine pulls parts.

Finding your part number

Almost every part in your Dell laptop has a part number. The first step you will need to take is to locate your Dell part number. This number is sometimes difficult to locate, and some parts may have multiple part numbers on them, leading to extra confusion. You can always find the dell part number immediately following the CN- on a dell part sticker.

Below is an example of a Dell Part number.
The Dell part number is hidden in the other string of numbers on this sticker. The part number of this motherboard is MD666.